Carpet Cleaning

Once you made the commitment to have wall-to-wall carpeting, regular maintenance will help keep it at its best.

Regular cleaning of your carpet is important - even if it does not look "dirty", you should be aware that bacteria, food crumbs and all kinds of invisible to the eye invaders have set up in the foundation of your carpet, possibly causing irritation and allergic reactions.

A regular vacuum will not remove all these hidden particles and insects.

Carpet Cleaning Paterson’s professional cleaning methods make sure your wall-to-wall carpets regain their original look and freshness, all the while keeping your family safe and healthy.

We schedule a free cleaning demonstration on-site in order to give you the fair price that fits the amount and type of cleaning actually needed.

Wall to Wall Freshness

Our carpet experts are seasoned professionals when it comes to fitting the right cleaning methods to each type of carpet, and the state its in.

Our sophisticated yet gentle washing techniques find and eliminate even the toughest deepest dirt, leaving a clean that you can see and smell. We can restore the texture of the fibers in your carpet so that it feels as soft as when it was brought into your home.

We also restretch and repair all parts, bringing your carpet back to its original state when you first had it installed.

In addition, we use natural cleaning products to make sure that once we clean all irritants our of your carpet, we leave it with no harsh chemical residues.

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