Carpet Installation

Why trust our carpet installation?

Nothing says home like carpet in every room. Not only does it look good - it feels good under your feet and gives a warm feeling to your entire home.

Carpeting welcomes your family back home every day. It muffles undesired noise, providing insulation to keep you warm in winter. Family members of all ages, and guests too, will appreciate how cozy and inviting the space feels - and you will appreciate having a soft, safe floor once it has been upgraded with wall to wall carpeting.

For skilled and affordable wall-to-wall carpet installation in, Carpet Cleaning Paterson is the company to trust.

Comprehensive carpet installation for all your needs

Our carpet installation service is competitive and professional and backed by a 30-day, no-questions guarantee.

We will help you with all aspects of the process: From the initial choice of installing carpet, to the right design and colors that match the rest of your decor. And finally, to the type of installation best for you.

The two most popular methods of wall-to-wall carpet installation techniques are:

  • The Stretch Method 
  • The Glue-Down Method.

Stretching the carpet (along with under-padding) brings more comfort and noise reduction.

The glue-down method will endure heavy traffic, help prevent buckling and is more economical.

Whatever method is right for you, don’t forget to call us twice a year for expert carpet cleaning to keep your carpet fresh smelling and new looking.

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