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Keeping your favorite chair or sofa clean is more than removing the grey marks from the armrests. It means getting into the folds and removing all the particles, bacteria, food remains and other invisible things that lurk deep in the crevices - together with any odors that have collected in the material.

A sofa keeps its feel and fabric quality when cared for by a trained technician with purpose-built equipment - it not only makes it far more pleasant and comfortable to sit on, but also helps it to last longer in a better state.

We’re known and trusted throughout Paterson for our high-quality, reliable sofa and furnishings cleaning. We have the skills and equipment to remove difficult stains and deep dirt, bringing out your furniture’s style and freshness again.

Every Item Gets Special Care

Highly trained cleaning techs use advanced machinery to get deep into the crevices of your furniture. Once they are thoroughly shampooed, they are rinsed to take away the stains, dirt, dust and allergens.

Our expert cleaning methods are also effective against bug infestations, as well as helping to prevent mold and mildew.

Our cleaning methods are safe and designed to be equally effective on both natural and synthetic upholstery material, including leather. With leather, because of its particular qualities, it must be cleaned correctly, with the right techniques.

Our technicians have the knowledge and ability to upkeep leather upholstery at its best.

We only use organic cleaning solutions that help protect your home environment with no added chemicals or fumes. Our sofa cleaning service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We treat every item according to its specific materials in order to ensure that you receive the best results.

We offer the finest in professional upholstery cleaning in Paterson. Call 866-466-4576 to learn more.

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