Ten Tips To Do At Home

Carpet tips

Vacuum your carpet regularly: Since dirt is the number one cause of premature damage and fading of your carpet, make sure you do it thoroughly.

Take action as soon as possible when you see a drink or food spill. The longer it is left on the fiber, the more difficult it will be to get rid of.

Do not over-use shampoos, spot-removal agents, and other cleaning chemicals, no matter how tempting it is to try "just one more time". Overuse of any cleaning agent will cause residue, and even bleaching

Rug tips

The first thing to look at: the floor. Surfaces are often slippery, so use a padding beneath your rug to keep both you and the area rug from slipping. Inexpensive pads can be purchased at any hardware store.

Upholstery tips:

When water makes a mark on leather upholstery, soak a clean sponge in a bowl of tepid water and  wring it out to get it as dry as possible. At the exact location of the water stain, dampen the leather and mover out until you reach the edge of the cushion. Do not scrub. Condition the leather after it has dried. But remember -  leather can be tricky and in many cases it is best to seek professional treatment.

Baby wipes

Unscented wipes can be great for cleaning upholstery easily and quickly. Make sure - Not to flush them down the toilet!

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