Rug Cleaning

Traffic in the home - shoes, pets and even the weather, for a few examples -  give your area rugs a run for their money when it comes to holding up over time.

Because of everything your rugs handle, we bring expert rug cleaning to Paterson for these heirlooms and hand-made works of art.

Like furniture, just because there are no stains or marks on the rug does not mean it is totally clean - free of bacteria, allergens and dust mites, just to name a few invisible things hiding in the rug’s fibers.

Professional cleaning is the only way to ensure your area rug will be thoroughly cleaned, and given a good condition again.

Saving You Time & Money

Our seasoned rug technicians have abundant knowledge and experience and will give you the best service available.

Providing unique care, we take into consideration all the details: fabric, age, color, type/age of damage, and other important factors.

We will give your rug a deep clean, using only organic products. Natural cleaning solutions are our choice, to ensure your rug comes back to you free of chemical residues and harsh irritants, for your family’s safety - and to help guard the environment, inside your home and out.

We provide free pick-up and delivery service throughout all of New Jersey, saving you time, money and hassle. 

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